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Consultant. Coach. Trainer.

Rajesh Gurule is a teacher as well as a student at the same time. He believes that we are here to help others with our skills & knowledge. So the more knowledge you have the more people you can help. That’s why he himself keeps on learning everyday.

He owns many successful companies.

Rajesh Gurule (RG) is Mechanical Engineer by Education. He completed his B.E in 1996. After that he worked in few companies as an Engineer. 
But by that time he had bitten by the Sales & Marketing bug. He started exploring various aspects of this field. Simultaneously, he was completing his MBA in Marketing Management also from 1998-2000. After just 1 year he realized that it was too theoretical & is
for corporate mostly. So he never finished that.

After leaving or getting away from the engineering field, he dived into Sales & Marketing.